Hunted Heroes

Barbarian's Journal 2

Well...... Here I am......

I awoke at dawn to find Korsa already awake and packing his bedroll. Lyra having been on the last watch was up as well, it was a cold and misty morning.

I stood and sretched. Then began to wake the others. The thief groaned and buried his head deeper in his bedroll when I kicked his booted foot to get him up. I sighed, picked up the bedroll and dumped him out. He hit with an “Ouff” and glowered at me. I just rolled my eyes.

Soon we had everything packed up and ready to travel.

As was agreed on last night we went to the large stone building. When we got there, Padishar Creel tried to climb the wall to see in the window. He got about 12ft up, then slipped and nearly fell. He came back down saying the walls were to icy to climb.

The others began to argue about what to do… Again… I Sighed. How they manage to talk all at once and yet understand each other well enough to argue about it, I will never know…

Galadriel said “Well I think some of us should stay out here…”

Korsa “…… Sigh

Padishar Creel “I could scout ahead…”

Lyra "I could stay here with Galadriel…

Vaila “I can stay here and keep watch if someone else stays with me…”

Marcus “I think that we should go in…”

Benny “So what are we doing?…”

Me “I’m just going to break down the door”

Nobody paid any attention to me.

Galadriel “I can’t stay out here if no one’s with me…”

Korsa “…… Sigh

Padishar Creel “So I’m not scouting ahead?…”

Lyra “I changed my mind I’m going in…”

Vaila “I’m going in if no one else is staying out…”

Marcus “Are we breaking down the door or do we just knock?…”

Benny “So are we going in? Or not?…”

Me “I. Am. Breaking. Down. The. Door.”

They still didn’t pay attention…

I locked eyes with Korsa and he said “You go in first I’ll be close behind”

I grinned as we started towards the doors. The others quickly fell into line behind us.

I heard something break on the other side of the door, and then a groan.

I unsheathed my sword and said “Ready?”

Korsa bared his teeth at me. I smirked and shouldered the door open to find a library. There looked to be three dead librarians and a mix of kobalds and goblins. They didn’t seem to take note of us as they tried to set the place on fire.

I dove to the side out of the way and took out my bow. The others had three down already. I heard a screech and looked through the book shelves and saw a goblin with an arrow through its’ leg. Nice shot

I took a shot at the one just down the hall. As it took my arrow through its’ throat, I grinned gleefuly.

One of them ducked behind the curtains at the end of the hall. Korsa and I ran down the hall after it. We pushed through the curtains to find two of them back here. Korsa held back getting out his bow while I charged forward with my long sword and cut the one in half. I spun to see Korsa’s arrow go through the other’s chest. It fell against the wall, reached in its’ pocket and pulled out a small red orb. It then muttered some words and threw it on the floor shattering the orb as fire burst from it.

It didn’t move like fire… it moved like it had a purpose.. then it twisted into a face…

Um… How in the hell do I fight that?

Next thing I know the fire is coming at me Oh shit Korsa stepped in front of me and his shield absorbed the fire Right, sun god

The elemental twitched as Galadriel’s arrow hit it, its’ fire flaring up the walls.

Okay, I’m pissed I fired. Hehe get it? Fired? Eh never mind My arrow didn’t get within five feet before it disintegrated. The elemental looked at me over Korsa’s shoulder, and I could swear it smiled.

I blinked Oh come on! Really? I pressed my lips together. Another arrow hit it and it screeched, fire flaring again as it took me a minute to remember that Galadriel had an enchanted bow.

It raised itself up higher, it’s fire spreading. Well… We’re all gonna die…

Korsa growled and tossed the coin that he had gotten from the Goddess of Luck. It hit the floor and the elemental shrieked as it was sucked into his shield…. And it was over.

We’re all alive… huh

“Nice” I said to Korsa. He bowed his head to me.

There was a custom back home where if a mother walked by on the road, the men would bow their heads to her. They were acknowledging that she was a creator of something that they never could create. It was just common manners. Here it was a sign of respect, gratitude, or in this case, the acknowledgment of one warrior’s compliment to another.

An old man came to the top of the steps and said “T-Thank you! They were going to destroy the library!” No, really? I restrained myself from rolling my eyes and let Korsa deal with him. He was the silver tongue among us.

I wasn’t really listening to what he was saying other than “I am the great arch mage..” “The information in this library cannot fall into the wrong heads. The result would be catastrophic…” “The one who seeks to destroy the library is also the who hunts you.” That’s when I started to pay more attention.

“There is a spirit of ice and stone that is trying to knock the library off the side of the mountain. That’s why I could not assist you in fighting. All my power is focused on keeping the library on the mountain.” Lovely

“If you can kill the spirit, I will reward you with great knowledge and power.”

I was watching the thief while he all said this. Padishar Creel was glancing around the library with a little too much interest. He noticed that I was watching him and ducked his head sheepishly. I narrowed my eyes. All his power focused on keeping us on the mountain or not, the old man the thief was contemplating robbing was still an arch mage.

“Well if it’s so dangerous, let’s just burn down the library,” Marcus said.

I turned and just gawked at him. Did he really say that OUT loud?

Korsa snarled “We are NOT going to burn down the library that we JUST saved that the ARCH MAGE, who is offering knowledge and power, owns!”

Marcus hit him on his leg with the flat side of his ax. Korsa lunged at him. Soon they were both on the floor beating the crap out of each other. Idiots.

I grabbed them both by the scruffs of their necks and shook them with each of my words “Stop fighting you IDIOTS! Killing each other won’t get us anywhere!” on my last word I slammed them together and dropped them both Idiots

They blinked at me and got up. Then Korsa said to everyone “What do you think about going after the ice spirit?”

“As long as we get paid for it, I’ll do it,” Padishar said.

Galadriel said “I just want to help him. We can’t just leave him here to die.”

“I’m with Galadriel on that,” Lyra said.

Benny nodded. Marcus glowered.

Vaila said “Knowledge and power? Of course I’ll go, do you even have to ask?” she giggled evilly.

… And why are we trusting her again? Someone remind me….


I shrugged “As long as I get to hit something,” I grinned cheerfully.

“Can you hold us here for tonight? We’ve been through a lot and need to rest. We’ll leave in the morning.”

The mage nodded. “I can give you some small provisions as well, but you must be quick. I do not know how long I can hold the spirit off.”

Korsa nodded. “Thank you”

“There aren’t really any chambers for you to stay in, but you can roll out your bedrolls here. At least you’re inside where it’s warm.”

Korsa bowed his head.

We slept for the night, not knowing what we would face in the morning. Again. “Sigh” This is going to be fun…



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