Hunted Heroes

Barbarians Journal 3

We're all gonna die, and I am not cleaning it up!

We set out that morning, set with the proper supplies. Hopefully I thought sourly. We left the Little Kobold babies with Thalmus. Where we’re going is too cold for them.

I’m in a bad mood. Can you tell?

The elf ranger was leading the way for now, with Valia at her side. Valia did a creepy magic thing earlier and now supposedly knows where we’re going. I hate magic.

Flash back

I was downstairs packing. Most of the others where upstairs doing I don’t care what.. That is until they all came downstairs talking all at once.

Korsa: “So what happened?”

Marcus: “What the hell was that?!”

The dwarf who had yet to give us his name: “Let’s just ask the mage!” Hmm maybe I’ll call him Grumpy..

Galadriel: “Yeah it’s his! We should just ask him!”

Padishar Creel: “But that would make sense.”

Lyra: “No Really?!”

Vaila: “I know what it is, just not sure what to do about it.”

Thalmus: “Only she can tell you what she saw and what it means.”

Me: “What in the Great Eagle’s name is going on now?!”

Marcus: “Did she tell you?!”

Thalmus: “Yes.”

Marcus: “Valie, what did you see?!”

Everyone was still yelling except Korsa, Thalmus and Me.

Me: EVERYONE SHUT UP!” The room went silent.

“Now, what’s going on?”

Valia: “I used a scry thing.”

Korsa: “Great,” he said under his breath.

Me: “Whats a scry?”

Thalmus: Well, It’s connected to the world in a-" I stopped listening.

I held up my hand “Never mind I don’t want to know.”

I went back to packing.

Padishar Creel: “Well, I still want to know.”

Thalmus continued explaining. I didn’t really listen. When he was done talking I said “Can we go now?”

Almost everyone laughed. Sigh

End of flash back

We had been walking Shoving snow out of the way It’s up to Korsa and my knees so it’s at the others waists, so I have no room to complain.. Not that I ever would. Back home you complain you get hit, the children learn very fast not to whine and just do thair training.

We met a fork in our path. We all stopped and waited for Vaila to tell us which way to go. “Um I think it’s left.”

Korsa: “You think left? YOU THNK?”

I’m Cold..

Valia: “I’m pretty sure”

Korsa: “Snarl”

I’m not getting any warmer

“Lets just go.”

Korsa sighed. Valie nodded. And we started walking again. It begin to snow harder.

We got pretty far up before we had to camp, between me and Galadriel we managed to keep everyone alive for the night.


We got up the next morning, frost in our breath.

It had gotten colder. Lovely

We got everyone up and moving “Do you want me to lead today?” I asked.

“No.” She answered, “I got it”

A few hundred feet later she stopped looking around.

I looked past her and found the path easily.. and it wasn’t the one she was walking on.. She tripped SHIT! I lunged over to her and caught her wrist just as she went over the edge of the cliff. I pulled her up.

I sighed. “What are you doing? The path is over there.” I nodded my head in its’ direction while rolling my eyes.

Her eyes were huge “Thankyouthankyouthankyou!”

I nodded and took the lead.

The path was not difficult to find so much as it was hard to tread. The snow was so thick that you couldn’t see 6 maybe 7ft in front of you.

The snow was up to my waist. I checked behind me to make sure everyone was there. The snow was at Korsa’s waist and it was at the others’ chests. The dwarf could not be seen apart from the occasional flash of an ax shoving snow out of the way. Korsa met my eyes and nodded at me. He was standing by the dwarf making sure he kept up.

We reached a ruin. It looked like it had been once very much like the library we had come from, only it was kind of destroyed.

After some discussion, we sent the thief in to scout.

It had been some time and he hadn’t come back.. then someone yelled “Hey Guys!” from behind us. I jumped and spun, everyone started laughing including Padishar Creel What?.. Wait.. Did I just scream like a girl?

I glowered at them. They all stopped laughing fairly quickly.

“What did you see?” I asked.

“The place is completely destroyed, but there is a tunnel in the back up against the mountain that leads into a cave. Think we should check it out?”

We all looked at Korsa.

He sighed “I don’t see why we shouldn’t.”

Then we did the whole “going around the circle is everyone okay with this” thing. I said “As long as I get to hit something.”

On that note we entered the cave. The wind is not bad in here and it’s not as cold.. of course that doesn’t include the fact that I can’t see anything!

“It’s pitch black in here, I can’t see a Gods damned thing!” I said.

“Really? Cause I can see just fine,” said the thief to my right. I flung my hand out to hit him.. and hit sold rock SHIT! That hurt..

I heard a laugh as I began moving my hand to make sure nothing was broken. Oh he is so dead

“I’m going to get you for this,” I said between clenched teeth.

“There is no doubt in my mind of that.”

A sort of growl came out of my throat. “Korsa! I can’t see a damned thing, anything you can do about it?”

“No I can not, you’re the only member of our party who can’t see.”

“…So what? I’m just supposed to stand here like an idiot and let you guys go off into the darkness and get killed?”

“You’re such a cheerful person,” Lyra said.

“Yeah, well, I do my best.”

“I know! I can cast light on myself and glow!” Marcus said.

“Okay then do it.”

Marcus muttered some words in what I assume was draconic and BOOM glowey half dragon. Huh

I could now see about 15ft away, the cave was icy and still very dark. I narrowed my eyes at the thief. He hid behind Korsa.

I took a step towards him. Korsa said “Weren’t you the one that said killing each other won’t help anything?” Damn did I say that? I did, didn’t I? Shit! This sucks!

I stuck my tongue out at him. He bared his teeth in a grin.

“I’ll scout ahead,” said the thief.

“Me too,” Lyra said.

“Hey I wanna scout too!” Marcus said.

I just stared at him.. “Um you’re glowing..” Korsa said.

He looked down at himself. “Oh yeah I am.. I’ll just take my clothes off.”

“NO!” We all shouted.

“You are not going to run naked and glowing through an ice cave!” Korsa said.

“Why not?” He asked.

“Because if you try I will hit you so hard you won’t wake up for three days!” I threatened.

“No you won’t, I’m your light,” he responded.

“Try me,” I challenged.

“I won’t stop her,” said Korsa.

“Fine,” he huffed.

Lyra, Padishar Creel and Galadriel went ahead to scout down the right path the rest of us went to the left. Sorry to say it wasn’t long before we heard a scream.

We began to run the Dwarf, Valia and Korsa where in front. They got over the shiny ice surface just fine.. however the half dragon who was running ahead of me went down taking out my legs “GODS DAMN IT!” I yelled. Fighting sounds began to come from the tunnel ahead.

_Great not only am I stuck in an ice cave where I can’t see anything on an icy ledge with a half dragon underneath me, I am now missing the battle too! DAMN IT!

He tried to get up, only to fall again.. ON ME.

“By the Eagle, get the hell off me!” I shoved him off, got up, took a step and he tripped me. Shit

He tried to get up again and failed, sliding into me. I tried to get up. Again Got to my feet. “Wait you have to help me up. I’m your light.” he grabbed my ankle.. causing me to fall.. AGAIN.

Now I am really, really pissed off.

“Zarah, Catch!” I looked up as Vaila threw me a rope.. And thank the Gods I caught it.

She began to slowly pull me to her. The slippery ice made it easier for her to pull my weight. I stood up. “Wait! I’m your light, remember?”

I sighed, taking the rope from her. “Go help the others,” I said. “I got him.” He caught the rope on my first throw, thank the Great Eagle! I pulled him to me and set him against the cave wall. He was breathing hard and grasping his chest. I rolled my eyes, unsheathed my sword and turned to face our enemies. Two hags – one closer and one about 30ft away. Lyra and Galadriel were the only two over there. I turned my attention back to the closer one to find Padishar Creel stabbing the dwarf in the back. Wait why the hell is he doing that? Well he slashed at the hags wing, as… she? It?… Yeah I’m just gonna go with it, reached for Korsa. It didn’t touch him only looked at him.

He fell to the ground in a writhing heap screaming. Damn.. I feel myself being overtaken by rage. Valia cast a spell from where she’s standing just a few feet away from me. Didn’t seem to do much but Galadriel turned, raised her bow, and shot Vaila in the shoulder. Shit why are they?.. And.. I snapped.

My vision went red and black with rage as I charged the closer one. I swung and nearly cut all the way through its’ wing. I pulled back as it screeched. It looked me in the eyes. “Pain,” it hissed, reaching for me. Just like with Korsa “Like hell!” I said and dodged.

Korsa was up again casting some sort of fire spell on it. It screeched again. My vision was starting to clear, though it was still blurry. The dwarf took a swing. I think he hit it. We tag teamed it, one of us darting in and striking well. One of the magic doers cast a spell from farther back. With my next attack I took its’ hand off.

It wasn’t long before it went down. Padishar Creel stopped trying to kill us and was just kind of looking around. I turned and looked at Lyra and Galadriel.

Galadriel was thankfully still asleep from one of the wizard’s or Korsa’s.. I’m not sure… spells. Its’ wings looked badly broken but it was still fighting.

I met Lyras eyes. She turned and looked, not at the hag, but just past it at the ground, then back at me. I looked behind it and there was what looked like from here a deep trench. I looked at Lyra as she dodged a swipe of a claw. She jerked her head in its’ direction.

I sheathed my sword, grinning. I charged Back home they called this a bull rush I hit it dead center. It fell over the edge, reaching out a clawed head toward me.. missing by a foot. I smiled at the look on its’ face.

It screamed and screamed and screamed.. until you heard the pleasing sound of the body hitting bottom. Wow, Thats really, really deep..

I turned from the hole to see a smiling Lyra. She held out her hand. We gripped forearm. I Patted her shoulder with my other hand, laughing.

Padishar Creel said “Oh Shit.. Did I really stab the dwarf?” He looked terrified. I laughed again and said “Someone go wake up Galadriel.”

“Alright everyone healing, now,” Korsa said. I smiled as the cheerfulness of being in a bloody battle had yet to leave me.

Korsa had us all patched up pretty quick.

We all searched the chamber. There were many dead, so many things we could use that they do not need.

We found a very evil book that we all agreed to give to Vaila. There was some gold we split evenly. Padishar Creel took the mace.

“Oh! look what I found!” said the thief.

“What?” I asked.

He held up a sword that was one of the most well crafted swords I have ever seen. It was about 6 1/2ft long, cold hard steel, with dragons engraved in the handle.

“Mine!” I said, snatching it out of his hand. I began looking at the handle more closely. He held up both his hands in the air as a sign of surrender. “Anyone else got a problem with that?” he asked.

“No,” they all answered at once.

I swing it to test it’s balance, Perfect. I love this sword Looking at it and holding it in my hand just made me feel.. I don’t know. The blade caught fire. I really, really, really LOVE this sword!

“Where’s Vaila?”

We look around but don’t see her. “Vaila?!” I call out. We hear a laugh from above us.. we all slowly look up and there she is.. on the ceiling “How did you get up there?!” I asked.

She looked at me and shrugged. I rolled my eyes. Magic

“Let’s not stay in the cave tonight.. We don’t know what else is in here,” Korsa said.

“Good point,” I said. “It well be a lot colder though.”

“We’ll have to deal,” he said.

So we started to leave but then Vaila started to mumble to herself. I didn’t think it was anything out of the ordinary for her up until she ran down a tunnel.

“Oh come on!” I exclaimed.

“I’ll go after her!” The Dwarf took off after her.

“We’ll go too!” And there went Galadriel and Lyra.

So the rest of us went outside, found a good spot mostly protected from the wind, and camped for the night.



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