Hunted Heroes

'In the Service of Sol'Aur: The Archive'

A new day.

At first light, I rose myself from the comforting warmth of my bedroll and surveyed the area around myself to regain my bearings. My eyes came to rest upon the monastery-like building carved in to the adjacent mountain, wondering what it could contain. I sigh and stand fully, retrieving some supplies from my pack to make a light breakfast. Shortly after, my companions rose one-by-one: Benny, Marcus, Valia, Zarah, Padishar, Galadriel, and a ranger who hadn’t given her name yet.

We swiftly broke camp, and cautiously made our way down the rocky outlook, idly chatting, teasing, and joking. When finally we reached the imposing construction we had spoken of the previous night while sitting in its shadow. Padishar immediately vouched to climb the icy wall to peek in one of the stained-glass windows 20 feet up. Looking at the frosty covering on the wall, I idly wonder if Marcus, Valia, and I could melt the ice, but I dismiss it as a waste of spells. I stroll over to the the large front door, vaguely aware of the others searching amongst their packs for a grappling hook. I sigh quietly and push on the door just a crack, pressing my ear to the split between the doors. I feel a slight warmth on my ear, and soon the other keen-eared members of our party have joined me, thoughts of scaling the building’s facade abandoned.

Vague, muffled sounds can be heard inside, and slowly we push the door open, Zarah and I taking the lead. Once we fill the antechamber, those of us in the lead look in to the main room. The central chamber appears to be a library, with bookshelves neatly arranged in rows. But surrounding the bookshelves are small beasts – goblins and kobolds. I swear under my breath, and can hear others doing the same behind me. I stand to the side, pressing myself against the wall, pointing a claw in to the main chamber, other hand circling in the air in front of me, palm to facing the beasts.

“Go, go, go, go…” I hiss, the most dextrous amongst us slipping in to the library, ranged weaponry at ready, firing bolts, arrows, and stones at the oblivious creatures. With a satisfying THWACK, a goblin standing on a bookcase is killed out-right by Padishar’s arrow, and most of the monsters fall, dead or wounded, to the barrage that follows.

And chaos broke loose.

[To be finished]



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