Hunted Heroes

Marcus's Adventure Journal

Careful what you wish for, you just might get it.

Thalmus asked us to go to a city to met a someone for info about our enemy. Thalmus told us he could not teleport us to the city so we packed our things.

Thalmus gave us magic horses to travel faster and the horses looked perfect. The horses plowed through the snow. The horses ran much faster than normal horses. On our way there we met blink dogs and they talked like “Dude, like, you’re really wicked fast.” Everytime Zarah tried to hit one of them, which made Zarah nuts. They’d just ‘blink’ out of her reach, they followed us to the edge of the forest. At our leaving they said “Like, see you around dudes and dudettes,”

We made it to the city in a few days time. The city was HUGE. There was a line to get in to the city, of elven wizards, and dwarfen fighters, elven archers, human/elven rangers, dragon born and war mages. It was a very long line.

So we got in line. I noticed that the wall had symbols all over Well I guess we know why Thalmus couldn’t teleport us into the city “I wonder how many people it would take to bring the wall down,” I mused aloud.

One of our more EVIL party members Valia said “I wonder who I can kill.” So the people in front of us called the guards. We were pulled aside.

The guard asked “What’s with your friend?”

Korsa said “I am sorry, we have come from heavy battle. She has seen much, and has trouble with differing the calm world we are in now and th-”

The guard cut him off. “We can’t allow her into the city if she’s going to be a problem.”

Korsa said “We can watch her, I can assure you it will no-”

He cut him off again. “We’ll allow her into the city, for a fee,” Fishing for a bribe I thought.

Korsa said “I really do not think that that will be necessary, after all, I’m sure you do not want such a thing to come into light, it would be bad for your rep-”

All the guards burst out laughing.

Korsa bowed his head in an ‘I skrewed up’ look. I heard Zarah mutter “Idiot,” under her breath.

Korsa looked at Vaila and said “I hope that you are not to attached to your price,”

Vaila reached in her purse and pulled out an almost completely flawless moonstone. “Will this work as payme-”

Before she could finish, the fat guardsman snatched it out of her hand.

Then he said “Re-enter at the end of the line.”

We went through the line AGAIN. When we got to the gate the guard was looking down at a large stack of papers. He didn’t even look up as he said in a very bored voice “Name of person or party?”

Since Korsa was still annoyed at himself for earlier, Zarah took lead, though she looked very nervous. “Zarah,”

“Buisness in town?”


“Do you have, or a member of your party have, any dangerous magic?”

She looked to Korsa who answered with all of his supplies. Vaila stayed silent, most likely for the best. The guard stamped a piece of paper, handed it to Zarah and said “Next!” still without looking up.

The next guard took the piece of paper from Zarah, stamping it and said “If you start a fight you will be detained in the Tower. If you steal you will be detained in the Tower,” I tuned him out after that.

When he was done telling us about what will get us ‘detained in the Tower,’ he sent us on. As we wandered deeper into the market we joked about how we will be ‘detained in the Tower,’ with things like ‘If you look at one wrong, you will be detained in the Tower,’ ‘If you buy or sell anything you will be detained in the Tower,’ so on and so forth.

It was CROWDED and loud. Zarah was freaking out. There was a man and a boy. The man was yelling “Thief! Thief!” while I was asking the two guards if they knew where we could find a quiet place.

They looked at each other and went back to talking. Zarah wanted to hit something so when the boy was near, she raised her arm. It missed the boy and hit the man in the chest, knocking the breath out of him and Zarah said “oops” and grinned hugely. The man got up and he grabbed my purse. Though I was unaware at the time. After I realized what happened I said “Guys someone took my purse!”

Padishar Creel busted out laughing and said "Guys, you just fell for the oldest trick in the book! One person runs through a crowd while holding a bag, the other one chases yelling ‘Thief! Thief!’ and while shoving people out of the way so he can catch the “Thief” he’s grabbing people’s purses,"

After some wandering we found an Inn that was affordable, yet not too gross, called The Drunken Donky.

Vaila and I went upstairs to meditate. When I was done, I went back down to find Zarah laughing loudly while in a drinking game with five dwarves, Korsa was in a corner nursing his wine and watching them in mild amusment.

I sat down to a game of cards with my fellow Draconian.

I heard a loud crash. I looked up from my cards to see Zarah passed out on the floor with five dwarves on top of her. Then Korsa took Zarah’s purse out and he dealt gold out to the still unconcious dwarves. Then he picked Zarah up and began carrying her up the stairs to her room, I would guess.

While he is carrying her, she starts trying to get Korsa’s tail, saying “Ima getcha ya tail, Ima getcha ya tail,” then crying out triumphantly when she did. I heard him laugh, as he continued up the stairs, flicking his tail out of her hands as she passed out again.

He came back down to finish his wine after putting her in her room. Then he mostly talked to the half giant until we all retired to bed.

The next morning when everyone was sitting down and eating breakfast, a stranger came and asked if he could sit with us. I stared at Zarah How can she eat so much and be so loud after being that drunk? Shouldn’t she be hung over? Korsa or someone must have given her something

The man who had sat and talked with us left, leaving his bowl behind. Why would he do that? You’re supposed to take it back up to the bar

When we were all done eating I think Zarah had three plates, I’m not sure I may have lost count Padishar Creel picked up the strangers bowl to take it back and found a note underneath.

“What does it say?” asked Zarah

“It’s an invitation to a meeting with the black hand,” he answered.

“When?” Korsa asked.



“A back street or an alley would be my guess. It has a map.” He said “I’ll go,”

“I’ll go with you,” said Zarah “You might need me,”

“If it comes to that, we’ll both die anyways,” Padishar Creel rolled his eyes

“Are you saying you don’t want me to go with you?” she asked

“No, I was just stating the obvious.”

She rolled her eyes and carried her bowl to the bar. The rest of the day we mostly shopped.

Zarah and Padishar Creel went to meet the contact. It was in an alleyway just behind a shop we had been at earlier. It had lots of windows perfect for an ambush.

In the time we’ve been waiting for them to get back, I have written this. I am going to go join the others on the lower floor for the rest of the waiting.




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