Hunted Heroes

Padishars terrible momory

Padishars journal

After over a week of being cooped up in the enchanted rooms everyone starts to fight among themselves. The arch mage thalmus say we must leave. He says to journey to the coast city of Arunden and search for a contact there that will help us. He tells us person is one of the Black Hand. We’re about to set out when Marcus remembers something he left and goes back into the library, a little while later he comes back out looking un happy. When he gets asked what happened he says “the rooms are gone!” I look into one of my pouches and see all the things I had taken from the rooms had vanished. I curse my bad luck and look up to see the others already leaving.

After we get down the trail a good hundred yards I look back and see the library changing into what looks like an outcropping of rock on the mountain. We make it down the mountain that day and by the time we set up camp that night I can hardly see the mountains at all off in the distance.

In the next week of traveling nothing interesting happens accept fighting of a goblin band or two and at one point with over talkative blink dogs that almost talked us to death. But finally we make it in sight of Arundens walls. We set camp and the next morning we set out once more we pass huge pens containing various live stocks on the left and enormous fields of grain and other crops on the right.

It’s about mid-day when we finally make it to the line waiting to enter the city. About half any hour later our evil sorceress says out loud “who can I kill” all the farmers around us back away and one sends his son to the gates. I being bored look around but there’s nothing of value in the line near us. A while later a group of guards come and pull us out of the line to question us, korsa talks to them and we have to go back to the end of the line and wait another hour before we are finally at the gate.

The gate keeper doesn’t even look up at us and just says “state your names and purpose” Zhara says passing through and we all give our names. He gives us a paper and says you have three days to pass through if you are not gone by then you will be detained in the tower. After a minute of walking we make it to the inner gate and the door keeper there asks for the peace of paper we’d gotten from the first, he stamps it again and rips part off. He says "this is your city pass if you lose it you will be “detained in the tower” If it get stolen or if anything else happens to it you will be “detained in the tower”.

We walk up to a guard inside the Gate and ask if there’s anywhere in the city a little less loud, he just looks at us and turns away. As we walk into the street we hear a shout and see a boy running from a big man yelling “thief, thief…..” Zhara sticks out her arm to block them. The boy darts under but the man gets hit in the chest nocking the wind from him, Zhara turns away. Marcus decides to ask another guard for directions to the same result then he tries to bribe him with 13 gold pieces the guard turns away. Marcus reaches down and finds he has no purse anymore I snicker at him and say “you just fell for the worst trick in the book” he says “how so” angrily. I reply “the big man and the boy where a team the boy runs away and the big man pretense to run after him bumping into people but really he’s picking their pockets.” Marcus gets angrier and wants to go after him but the man already vanished into the crowed.

After several minutes of asking around we get told the name of an inn we can stay at and we set off in its direction. We know we’ve found the right place when we see a picture off a cross eyed donkey painted on the large sign above the door of the “drunken donkey inn”. We enter and find the bar man standing behind the bar. He is huge close to if not taller than Zhara by my guessing.

We pay for rooms, which are remarkably cheap and go about on our own looking for something to do. After a while Zhara starts playing a drinking contest with a couple of dwarves. I walk around the room looking for someone that might be of help in our search for the Black Hand.
I see a few rouges sitting over in one corner and hide in the shadows near them to listen to their conversation but it’s about livestock. Then I notice that their hands are using a silent code I’ve never seen before. Not knowing what to do I head over to the bar man knowing he’s likely to have some information.

Standing there by the bar looking up into the huge man’s face I start to feel awed by his aura of prestige and power.
“What do yer be want’n sir” he asks in a rather booming manner.
Me- “information” I reply.
Bar keeper- “what kind o’ information”
Me- “the kind that can help me find some friends”
Bar keeper- “yer’ll ’ear from someone shortly”
“now go’n find some’it to keep yer’self busy”
I nod my had and walk away to find something to do.

A while later As I go up the stairs I hear a loud “bang” knowing Zhara just passed out effectively losing the contest and allot of gold I shake my head. Upon entering my room I set a string attached to a bell so if the door opens the tiniest crack it will wake me. I shut the window and bolt it similarly rigging it with a bell and after searching my room and finding nothing of interest I jump into bed.

The next morning the others found me doing a wall climb in my room. Zhara walked in and looked around then looked up. And there I was in the corner wondering how she’d known I’d be up there. Shortly after that we went to some market or another to look around at some of the shops for weapons and the like. After looking at a couple bows a long sword or two and being laughed at a cloak shop I decide to go back to “the drunken donkey inn” along with a few of the others.

As we enter the inn we pass a board hanging on the wall. As I’m walking past I read some of the headlines and one or two complete papers. After reading about some boring job application something catches my eye. I call to the others and show them the paper. The words " ‘black’ and ’hand’" are both on this strange message. The others dismiss the paper as nothing more than a scrap of useless junk and terrible righting but I’m not convinced. For hours I sit there waiting but no one from the Black Hand shows up. I’m starting to get bored; I look around at the packed inn and still see nothing. A man asks of he can sit at are groups table we let him and conversation goes back to normal.

A little less than an hour later the man got up and left "leaving his bowl on the table UN like everyone else. Ignoring the huge sign that says “please bring all dishes to the bar” and walking out the door. A few minutes later Zhara gets up and takes her bowl and the mans bowl to the counter. As soon as she’d picked up the man’s bowl I saw the note. Grabbing it before anyone else saw it I read it, and then put it back. A second or two later one of the others pick it up read it out loud to the others "to my disapproval considering the people around us ".

Why do I get chosen to go to meet the contact? I don’t know! It seems they think I’d be the because of my background but alas here I am in this corner of the deserted ally. Zhara is standing around the corner in case of trouble. I look around seeing nothing I feel a little more comfortable with the fact I can’t be caught un a ware’s because the only enters to the ally is directly in front of me. Well aside from the sewer grate. Suddenly there comes a voice from the side in the shadows.
“who might we have here”
Me- “I’d like to know the same”
Contact- “my name isn’t important and you are padishar creel, rouge”
I feel un easy at the fact this person “I cannot tell If it is a man or woman because he/she is completely in black leather”
Me- “So you know me”
Me- “I’m looking for information, you have it!”
Contact-“I do, but it’ll come at a price”
Me-“name it”
Contact-“the is a crypt in this city, it was once the home of the pirate lords, each of these lords had a perfect ruby, bring them to me, the item you are looking for is also in that crypt, you can have it and anything else you might find there”
Me-“so what your telling me if I give you these rubies I can have everything else in the crypt”
Contact-" yes"
Me- “what’s the loophole”
Contact- “the crypt is huge and has many traps in it”
Contact-“so If you don’t return with my rubies I’ll understand”
Contact-“that is my offer, take it or leave it, it’s your choice”
Me-“I guess it’s not much of a choice”
Contact-“not really”
Me-“I’ll do it”
Contact-“I’ll be waiting for my rubies”
Me-“we have a deal”
I look around but the person is already gone. I look at the sewer grate and see it is still locked down from the outside. I look around more closely but still see nothing I give up knowing there are no secret doors in the walls.

As Zhara and I head back to the inn I tell her what we must do. Back at the inn we tell the others and they agree I had no choice in my decision. The next day should be interesting.



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