Padishar Creel

Class, rogue / Race, H-Elven / Size, Medium / Age, 23 / Gender, Male / Height, 5'9" / Weight, 129.5 / Eyes, Blue / Hair, Red / Skin, sun browned.


Level/ 4
XP needed to level up/

Attributes Score Bonus Defenses
Strength 13 +1 Fortitude 3
Dexterity 18 +4 Reflex 7
Constitution 15 +2 Willpower 3
Intelligence 15 +2 Armor Class 21
Wisdom 13 +1
Charisma 11 +0
AC 21 HP 27 Initiative +4
Weapon Attack Bonus Damage
+1 Long Bow +10 d8+2
Rapier +5 d6+1
+1 light mace +6 d6+2
Skills Key Ability Skill Modifier
Balance Dex +4
Bluff Cha +2
Climb Str +6
Diplomacy Cha +2
Disable Device Int +9
Gather Information Cha +4
Hide Dex +11
Jump Str +3
Listen Wis +7
Move silently Dex +11
Open Lock Dex +11
Pick Pocket Dex +10
Search Int +10
Spot Wis +7
Swim Str +2
Tumble Dex +9
Use Rope Dex +5
Point Blank Shot
rapid shot
trap sense +1
uncanny dodge

2 pearls (20-30) gp each
Potion of invisibility
Headband of the Stout Heart +1 will
2 cure moderate wounds potions
alchemist fire viles: 3
blue dragon scails: 5
blue dragon teeth: 2
3 jade gems
gold chain (200gp)
ornate gold ring (25gp)


2 Kobold Babies/ one a girl named Ember other a boy named Ashes (Both dead now)


Padishar creel is a young half elf, who had been orphaned at the age of five by an attack on his home from a gnoll raiding party. He had been left alone until an old man came across him nearly two weeks later. The old man took Padishar to his home, a small hut on the outskirts of a large town. There he lived with the old man for six years till the old man got sick and died of a plague that could not be treated by anyone in the town. With the old man’s dying Padishar was left without a home and had to resort to theft in order to survive. He found he was good at being a thief and by the time he was fifteen he had enough gold to enter a warrior’s academy. But not a year later he was back on the streets after being “unfairly” linked to the disappearance of quite a few things at the academy. So at the age of seventeen he had to go back to thieving in order to survive and by the time he was twenty two he was a master thief. Not a year later he was caught in the attack on a town by an army of goblins and other horrific creatures.

Padishar Creel

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