Class, Barbarian / Race, Human / Size, Medium / Age, 27 / Gender, Female / Height, 6'7ft / Weight, 193 / Eyes, Green / Hair, Black / Skin, Tan


Stats, ? / AC, 18 / HP, 15 / Weapons, Great sword, attack bonus +8, 2D6, x2 Hametongue (Fire Damage), Longbow D8 x3 / Reflex saves, 3 ?


She lived in a small village, with her mother, father, older brother, and two older sisters. There had been some worry over the years about the barbarians getting closer, and closer, and on her sixth birthday, they came. They came with swords, and fire. They killed all the men, and the women and children watched as they burned the village to the ground. All that were left alive, about 23 people, were lead in chains to the barbarians home. Zarah remembered her father calling it “the forsaken lands”. They were led to a big hut in the center of the others, and pushed inside. There were a lot of big men. Some of the women were also large. Most were laughing. One of the men that led them there spoke in a language Zarah didn’t know, and everyone went silent.

One by one, they were called forward and taken away. When the big man called Zarah forward, she didn’t move. She just kept looking at the ground. When she was yanked forward by the chains on her wrists, she looked up and spit in the man’s face. A look of rage came over his face, he raised his hand to hit her, she braced for the blow… but it never came. She looked up and up, and up, to see a very tall man with blond hair, and blue eyes, holding the hand of the other man, posed in his intention to strike. The blue eyed man twisted the wrist of the other man, bringing him to his knees. He locked eyes with the man for a few seconds, then let go. The first man scrambled back. The man with blue eyes crouched in front of Zarah, and met her eyes. Then he spoke in an accented voice, “You’re a brave little one… My name is Wulfgar. Would you like me to teach you how to fight?”

Zarah swallowed. “It is not right for a lady to fight.”

Wulfgar laughed and said “If you are to live here, you must learn to fight, little lady.”

“And who would I live with? You should just kill me now, like you did the rest of my family.”

“You would live with me, and I won’t kill you little one, nor will anyone else here.”

“Why not?”

“Because, I’ll kill them if they try.”


“Because I said I would, that’s all you need to know for now.”


He cut her off. “Come, you must be tired.” She sighed but followed as he led her to a comfy little hut and put her to sleep.

After a few years of living with them, she noticed that she was almost as tall as everyone else. Her mother and father had been much shorter. When she mentioned this to Wulfgar, he sighed and said “I should have told you, but I didn’t know how…”

Zarah looked at him confused then he said “Zarah… I’m your father”


He sighed, looking her in the eyes and said “I’m your father, your blood father” He sighed again and said “You have your mother’s eyes…”

“Is that why you took me in?”


Zarah nodded and left. She had a lot to think about… she stayed for three more years, then went off on her own, traveling. Wulfgar stayed behind, saying he’d had his fill of adventures, and that it was her turn. And so she went, not knowing when she’d return.


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